Thursday, 21 July 2011

Carl Kleiner

Carl Kleiner has a big buzz around him at the moment. He seems to epitomise a recent move towards an 'old-fashioned' approach to still life photography, which eschews any slick post-production in favour of simple but clever ideas executed in-camera whenever possible. Its sort of a return to basics; a revolt against computer generated trickery.
Based in Stockholm, Kleiner creates subtle, vaguely surreal compositions, his use of colour being his real forté. Whether its subtle hits that elevate an otherwise dark composition, or full-on technicolour collisions (as with his geometric paper work), his awareness of colour theory and the resulting combinations always please the eye. He also shoots more ambitious and involved work with bigger sets, sometimes working with models too, but its his still life work that we're really appreciating right now. See below for a selection of his recent work.

All images © Carl Kleiner