Friday, 26 November 2010

Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

Sofia and Mauro are an Argentinian duo who create sharp, quirky and sexy fashion stories for numerous glossy editorial titles. Numero in particular has been a great forum for them, and they've contributed main fashion stories to almost every issue for years now.
The duo (once a married couple, but now separated yet still the closest of friends) explore many different themes and ideas of female sexuality in their work, managing to explore fetishes and fantasies that are provocative without ever being crass or explicit. They also realise interesting and intimate portraits, but its their fashion work that really stands out.
Photographic duos seem increasingly prevalent, and their working dynamic is often complicated - sometimes one will style and have the ideas whilst the other concentrates more on the technical side of capturing the pictures. Sofia and Mauro prefer to take it in turns to shoot, Mauro starting and shooting for 2-3 minutes, then stepping back whilst Sofia starts working with her camera. They talk and discuss what's working and what's not whilst they're shooting, then take a break and agree on whether they have got the shot. Later, they'll edit the images together and agree, almost unerringly, on which is their strongest image.
Shown below is a selection of some of their standout images from the last few years.

All images © Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Asger Carlsen

Hallowe'en has just passed, Guy Fawlkes night is just around the corner, and its that time of year when monsters and ghouls are out after dark and there's a certain weird menace in the air. So it seems a perfect time to post the pictures of Danish photographer Asger Carlsen, and not say too much about them, since many of his images are just so weird that perhaps its better to leave it up to the viewer as to just what the f*ck they are looking at.
Suffice to say that most of these images are from Carlsen's 'Wrong' series, and they are just that. He can take quite lyrical, interesting photographs when he chooses to, of conventional subjects: nudes, portraits, etc; but for the most part he lets that twisted Danish mind of his run wild, and make queasily believable images of something else entirely.

All images © Asger Carlsen