Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jean Baptiste

Showing the evolution of simple, strong natural leaf-forms, and man-made geometric patterns, these plates were drawn in 1896 by Jean Baptiste to explore and explain symmetries and repetitions. With their pared-down simplicity and muted palettes they are strangely undated, and still a fascinating source of inspiration.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

John Lehr

A strange lexicon of crumpled, discarded and damaged American advertising billboards and slipped suburban typefaces are what fascinates photographer John Lehr. He crafts compelling, poetic images from the mistakes and the unloved - the peeling adhesive, the slipped letter and the abandoned building or unwashed car are all recognised as objects of beauty in themselves through his lens. His shrewd eye and interesting compositions make the viewer reappraise objects and debris they've probably walked past without noticing on a daily basis. With the isolated details of junk food billboards there's a nod to the Pop iconography of artists like James Rosenquist, but with his understanding of colour, Lehr's work is more like a strange and compelling collision of photographic legend William Eggleston's irreverence, and Italian artist Mimmo Rotella's carefully salvaged ripped vintage posters.

Neon Rose, 2010

Nuggets, 2008

Billboard Detail, Norfolk, CT, 2005

Ripped Billboard, Maryland, 2006

Neptune, NJ, 2007

Untitled, 2005

2467, 2010

Wipe, 2010

Burger King, Connecticut, 2005

Bank, 2010

Gibberish, 2010

Crumpled Cheeseburger Sign, 2008

All images © John Lehr