Thursday, 21 August 2014

Charlotte Wales

Whatever the people behind Blogger did to the page design templates, they really screwed it up, so now everything is off and awkward, and its almost impossible to align text and images. Which is really bad. The work of young photographer Charlotte Wales is also awkward and strange, but really good. Really, really good. Her models stretching and contorted, there's a real energy and strangeness to her work but also a new type of beauty. An awkward beauty. 

Its a similar aesthetic to that being explored by Harley Weir, another fascinating young female photographer working in London. The colour palette Charlotte tends to work with feels predominantly Seventies, like outtakes from that seminal fashion film The Eyes Of Laura Mars, and her choice of models really key (through choice or necessity we don't know). Right now Charlotte is really pushing what a contemporary fashion image can be, which makes for great viewing. 


All images © Charlotte Wales