Thursday, 7 January 2010

Kwakwaka’wakw art

Some work by various members of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation to start the new decade. An indigenous group who live on or near to Vancouver Island, they have a rich history of art and culture, and the images of the sacred creatures – ravens, bears, salmon, eagles, etc – their artists produce seem particularly bold and dynamic within the Native American tradition. The graphic simplicity of this work is really effective, and whilst the Kwakwaka’wakw’s traditions stretch back centuries, these contemporary serigraphs would be at home next to work by people like Charlie Harper, Otl Aicher or Paul Ibou.

William Wasden, 'Bee', circa 2000

Jason Hunt, 'Kwa-guilth Bear', circa 2003

Tom Hunt, 'Kwa-guilth Raven', circa 2004

George Hunt Jr, 'Butterfly', circa 1999

Richard Hunt, 'Kwa-guilth Sea Eagle', circa 2001

Tony Hunt, 'Eel #1', circa 1996

Calvin Hunt, 'Cormorant', circa 2005

Debbie Hunt, 'Kwa-guilth Sun', circa 2005

William Wasden, 'Dragonfly', circa 2000

Richard Hunt, 'Eagle', circa 1998

All work © the artists


  1. all are awesome

    the cormorant is quite awesome indeed with the fish in his belly

    i wish i could hang that up on my wall!

  2. How can we get our hands on one of these dope prints!!