Thursday, 16 December 2010

Patrick Hruby

Patrick Hruby's saturated silkscreens are a weird blend of the occult and the psychedelic, looking like the visions of a shaman with deft Illustrator skills. Based in LA, Hruby's work centres around natural forms, plants, creatures and faces, in sometimes-sickly acid colours, often overprinted to rich effect. They feel like a modern take on California psychedelia, with some similarity to the work of the Mission School artists, especially Clare Rojas.
Hruby has done commercial work for clients such as Urban Outfitters - creating a typeface for them - and also has a line of retro-looking tableware, but its when he lets the darker side of his imagination run wild that he seems to create his most interesting work.

Eye Of The Forest


Tiger Trifecta

Cheshire Plant


Portrait Of My Father As A Falcon

Ice Flower


All images © Patrick Hruby

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