Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Anne de Vries

“The idea of photography as a way to experience the world as it is not - in different ways - is fascinating to me, transforming the known into an unknown.” So says Dutch photo artist Anne de Vries, and looking at the wealth of ideas and experimentation on show in the work you can see he's a man of his word. Whether playing with overlaid identical images which he cuts sections out of, thus revealing more of the same image on different deeper levels, or photographing the reflection of cave paintings in wrinkled aluminium foil, de Vries is out to see how far can an image be pushed whilst leaving it readable. He takes great delight in finding ways of subverting apparently straightforward images, as with the impossible flora in 'Plan' or the melting saccharin junk food in 'Eye Candy'.
As well as rephotographing images, de Vries has begun to experiment more with digital possibilities, such as the moving image collaboration with musician James Whipple, Forecast. Take a look.

From 'A vs B', with Billy Rennkamp

From the 'Cave 2 Cave' series

Group Face


From 'A vs B', with Billy Rennkamp

Infinite Value

From the 'Modern Unpromised' series


From the 'Cave 2 Cave' series

Eye Candy, with Janis Ponisch

All images © Anne de Vries


  1. Ummm... Anne de Vries is a man not a woman. Way to do your research.

  2. Embarrassing.
    Thank you for pointing that out.
    Post duly rectified, heads hung in shame.