Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mark Anstendig

Tempting as it was to write a near-fictitious post about photographer Mark Anstendig, ultimately that wouldn't be fair to him. Its just that much of his work feels so now that, with many of the images shown here, he could easily be a contemporary of David Benjamin Sherry, Roe Ethridge or Ryan McGinley. The weirdness, the choice of subjects, the experimentation. In fact Mr Anstendig, something of a maverick and eccentric, has been around a long time, and shooting since the early 1970s. According to his own biography he's not only a professional photographer but also a trained orchestra conductor. In fact thats just the start of it. His life and achievements are definitely above and beyond the ordinary, and to try and summarise them here seems disingenuous, so read the vita on his own website for the full story after revelling in the power and prescience of his strange images.

All images © Mark Anstendig

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