Thursday, 15 September 2011

Roe Ethridge part 2

Roe Ethridge is in the enviable position right now of being feted by the art world for his increasingly conceptual photographic explorations, and shooting distinctive fashion work for some of the more prestigious periodicals. FOV first took a look at Ethridge's work in October 2009, and since then he seems to have converted more and more people to his slightly slanted vision. Its particularly interesting to see how his recent fashion work has evolved, maintaining a weirdness and tension through considered casting - the models are often beautiful but unconventional - and unexpected poses and props. Magazines like Another, Dazed & Confused and Muse are a natural home for this carefully crafted marriage of style, irony and luxury. Below are some of our favourites from recent shoots (and yes, the b&w image is supposed to be on its side).
Its not for everyone - the faux naiveté of some of his images can grate, and the New Yorker's influential photo critic Vince Aletti remains unconvinced - but in these increasingly trying times, Ethridge's uneasy but compelling images, and his almost neo-Conceptual approach, seem to be the apotheosis of cool.

All images © Roe Ethridge

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