Monday, 27 September 2010

Vintage Vuitton Trunks

There's something fascinating about well-used, worn pieces of beautiful luggage: the allusion to all those exotic destinations visited - long distance voyages on ageing steamers; remote quays and landing strips where the luggage has sat; the sense that if it could talk, boy would it have some amazing tales to tell.
Despite the ubiquity of (real and fake) Louis Vuitton handbags these days, the company's trunks have always had an air of exclusivity about them, and been a byword for travelling in style to the four corners of the globe. Vuitton has always undertaken special orders for customers who want something a little special, and for an upcoming project - 100 Legendary Trunks - they have trawled through their vast archive to pick some examples of their favourite unique pieces of luggage. The trunks they've unearthed, alongside some great old photos and vintage advertising, are a really evocative selection that speak of lives well-lived and eccentricities indulged. There are also some fantastic old hotel labels from the collection of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, unsung pieces of classic design in their own right.
Below is a small selection showing what the astute customer can have made if money is no object. After all, who hasn't always craved a trunk they could put their pony in?

All images © Louis Vuitton


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